What is Caliper?

Caliper is a benchmarking framework for hardware platforms, integrated with industry standard tools and test cases. It provides detailed performance assessments for server platforms based on ARM64 and X86_64.

Caliper executes on a host system which is connected to the target platforms through network. The performance parameters are captured from the targets and converted to score through series of formulas. Thereby caliper intuitively presents various performance values and shows the performance gaps of the hardware platforms.

The uniqueness of caliper is a consolidated score based evaluation. The best performance in each test will get a score of 100. All other test scores are calculated relative to this. This provides a clear relative positioning of each target platform. It enables easy analysis of the performance levels and bottlenecks.

As the performance testing can depends on system hardware resources at the time of execution, it is bound to vary over repeated testing. In general, this makes it difficult to analyze the performance results. Caliper tries to solve by executing multiple iterations of each test on every platform and ensure low variance. This provides a more believable and stable scores throughout the report.

Caliper's Effect